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Connect the entire manufacturing process from work package creation to turnover package compilation with every member of your team working together in the same system.

Platform Overview

Autumn's productivity platform connects the welders and fabricators on your shop floor by providing them with tablets that they can use to clock into tasks, view drawings, and communicate with the team ensuring your entire organization is on the same page. Remove the need to print, distribute, collect and scan work packages by putting everything the shop needs on one simple easy-to-use digital platform. Autumn is web-based, so it can be used in any browser on any device, with no download, servers, or hardware needed. Autumn's platform bridges the gaps most ERP's fail to fill by giving you real-time data driven insights into your business and operations.

Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling helps shop leads, foremen, & project managers react quickly to the needs of their clients with an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop scheduling system. Dynamic scheduling makes it easy to:

  • Shuffle task priority from any location (eg: shop floor, field, or office)

  • See what tasks have been completed and what tasks are currently being worked on

  • Visualize what your short term schedule looks like without getting lost in weeks of Gantt charts

Task queuing takes the legwork out of task delegation and allows you to ditch the whiteboard in the shop office. Toolbox meetings can actually be about safety and the work at hand because all of your welders and fabricators can see what their priorities are without having to talk to anyone.

Task Queuing


Autumn's messaging platform is built right into the digital documentation and tasks the welders and fabricators are working off of. With task-messaging a note about a change to the drawing will be seen by everyone working on that task making sure that no one is ever left out of the loop ever again.

Autumn allows you to keep all your digital documentation digital from start to finish. By allowing the shop floor to have digital access to drawings, safety, and QA documents you can ensure everyone is always working with the same information. No lost signatures, no out-of-date drawings and no more constant printing and scanning.

Digital Documentation

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