Transforming manufacturing productivity

Our Mission

Over the past 40 years while much of manufacturing has become more automated and has experienced productivity improvements due to robotics and MES systems there is a subset of manufacturing that has continued to rely on skilled tradesmen and women. These manufacturers are the backbone of North America and are responsible for the beams that support our office buildings, bridges, and hospitals.  Steel fabricators, machine shops and other manufacturers are responsible for completing these complicated and highly customized projects with the highest level of quality and safety. These projects are labour-intensive and rely on the knowledge of their workforce to complete the jobs on time and under budget.

These shops are however being dragged down by paperwork, broken communication, and an inability to adjust quickly to the changing demands of the industries they serve. Autumn’s objective is to provide these manufacturers with technology that fits around their existing systems and processes while simultaneously being so intuitive and impactful that people on the shop floor want to use it. Our clients work hard to ensure their clients and the public get exactly what they want the way they want it and we believe they should have software that provides them with the same experience.

Autumn was built on
three fundamental ideas

1. Customer success

Autumn is service first and a software company second. We are committed to driving our clients towards long-term success. When looking to introduce a new feature the first question we ask will always be how does this drive our clients success today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Autumn's clients rely on established processes to manage and control the flow of work throughout their organizations and we are committed to ensuring those processes can both live and thrive within the Autumn platform. Autumn gives the client control over the level of integration and implementation.

3. Tackle the real problems

Autumn wants to solve real problems for every client that we serve. If the Autumn platform isn't solving a real and tangible problem for your organization we'll be the first to walk away. We are committed to solving the problems no one else has been willing to tackle no matter the complexity.

2. Adapt for our clients
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