Shop Floor Management


Delegate and collect information in real-time. From drawings to work order information - connect the shop floor to resources they need on one open and easy to use platform

Profits are estimated in the office;

But they are made or lost on the shop floor

Estimates & Quotes

Predict material costs and estimate the total hours a job will take

Shop Floor

This is where the money is made

Every hour spent over estimate comes directly out of profits and every hour under increases your margin

Material & Parts

Purchase your materials exactly as you quoted it from your suppliers


Prepared to let you know what happens on your shop floor before you ask for it

Dynamic Scheduling

When everything changes and you need to react quickly - “quick” needs to be seconds not hours

Digital Documentation

Make distributing paper and tracking it a problem of the past

Priority Tracking

Eliminate confusion around what the priority tasks are by making urgency unmistakable

You hire the right people

We provide the right tools

The Problem

Managing an always changing shop floor is hard.
When rush orders arrive instead of critical material, and five-day jobs have three-day schedules - Autumn helps you solve immediate problems immediately.

Existing solution just don't work

Production software isn't designed for high mix shops
Software designed for high-volume production falls apart on job shop floors. Autumn is designed for constant rearrangement and daily problem solving.

Our Mission

The shop floor visibility you deserve.
Autumn is the first platform built for the shop floor first. We live for the weld splatter and metal dust because that’s where problems begin and where they should be solved.

See Everything at a Glance

Move Everything with a Drag

It's as easy as pressing a single button

Hit “start” and you’re already miles ahead of the competition.
If we can get the flip-phone users to love Autumn it’s because we’ve built something that is as sturdy as a Nokia and just as easy to use.

Watch your shop collaborate without needing you

Step back and watch your organization grow on its own.
From messaging each other about material location to sharing machine set-ups - Autumn is the central location for the floor to share knowledge and communicate with each other.
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