Productivity Software for
Machine Shops that

Mark up drawings, control document access, track project hours, and connect the shop to the resources they need - on one open, easy to use platform.

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We don't replace your ERP. We don't plan projects.

Autumn bridges the gap your ERP fails to cross. Work with real-time and accurate project data that is tied directly to your shop floor.

We help you do the work.

Not made for where the accounting happens.

Made for where the work happens.

From metal dust to welding splatter, Autumn was built for steel machine shops and the harsh environments they operate in.

Custom machine shop communications are more seamless than ever before. With the help of ERP's, BIM's and other technologies, fabricators are saving time, optimizing productivity and more agile then ever.

The shop floor however is a different story.

The Problem

Managing change (eg: rush-orders and revision requests) requires a series of physical one-to-one interactions on the shop floor.

This breakdown in real-time communication means production is slow to react, loses hours of time on repetitive tasks, and are often making decisions without a clear picture of what is happening on your shop floor.

The Solution

Autumn - digitizes and automates these physical interactions and puts the machinists, fabricators, and production management on a single connected platform.

Allowing you to start new work, respond to rush orders, and notify your shop of the changes in a fraction of the time it used to take you.

Autumn was created for the shop floor first and the office second because we want to help your shop reach it's full potential.

With a connected shop your organization can bid more aggressively, react faster, and grow faster then ever before.

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